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Environmental analyses with nano precision. How advanced technologies are changing the rules in the field of environmental protection

What is new in the environmental analysis labs?

The current global trend of technology should not bypass environmental analysis laboratories, but many laboratories in the country use outdated equipment for certain environmental analyses.

For example, to determinate heavy metals from water, soil and sediments, most environmental laboratories rely on analysis methods such as the atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) with a flame or graphite furnace atomization.

This type of equipment determinates the heavy metals at a concentration level of milligrams (ppm) as opposed to newer, more advanced technologies that determinate them at nanogram levels.



Environmental analyses with nano-precision

The advanced technology allows rapid detection at extremely low concentrations of contaminants from water, sediments, sludge and soil samples. Compared to previous analysis methods, they can be a million times more accurate.

For example, Blumenfield Science uses innovative equipment to determine heavy metals, an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP – MS) that uses inductively coupled plasma for sample atomization.

This equipment simultaneously detects, in a few minutes, 23 metals and several non-metals in very low concentrations, at nanogram levels. Compared with atomic absorption spectrometry, ICP -MS has a much higher speed, precision, and sensitivity.



How to get accurate environmental analyses quickly

Blumenfield laboratories offer optimal and fast solutions to environmental problems, by investing in advanced technologies that support environmental protection.

Blumenfield Science, the first private environmental research center in the southeast region of Romania, uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment that reduces the waiting time for analysis and can identify very low concentrations of pollutants.

The high accuracy in the analysis of the environmental factors, together with the extensive experience of Blumenfield provides the necessary support in the investment decision of the clients, which may sometimes depend on the environmental conditions offered by the chosen location, but especially on the environmental obligations that may entail significant costs.

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