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Environmental consulting Blumenfield

Blumenfield is the only environmental consulting company in the region with a private environmental research center, Blumenfield Science.

Blumenfield is your efficient and responsible partner in the environmental protection field, that offers integrated services of environmental consulting, monitoring of environmental factors and waste management.

Technical documentation and environmental studies

We develop the necessary technical documentation and environmental studies to obtain environmental agreements and authorizations:

  • Fact sheets and statements for environmental permits
  • Notifications for obtaining the environmental authorization/ agreement
  • Presentation memories
  • Environmental studies (environmental report, impact assessment report, environmental report, appropriate assessment study, site report).


Environmental permits, agreements and authorizations

We provide support for obtaining approvals, permits and authorizations from the corresponding environmental agencies. In addition, we struggle to eliminate the delays that may arise and provide a fair and realistic estimate of the deadline for obtaining the document subject to the procedure.


Consultancy in the field of environmental legislation

We provide environmental advice for optimal performance of your business and in accordance with the legal provisions. We offer you complete solutions to reduce your environmental impact, to get the permits you need in a timely manner or to adapt your work to the new regulations in place.


Environmental auditing and staff training programs

In addition to our consulting services in the environmental legislation field , we also perform environmental auditing for activity compliance and organize employee training programs.


Blumenfield’s environmental certifications

Blumenfield is registered in the National Environmental Auditors’ Register, being thus certified by the Ministry of Environment  to develop the following types of studies:

  • Environmental Report
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • IPPC Site Report
  • Appropriate Assessment Study.


Blumenfield has an Integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System, implemented in conformance with the international standards R EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005, OHSAS 18001:2008.

For 10 years, experts in environmental projects and solution makers.